Cheddar Cheese with Herbs Organic

Cheddar Cheese with Herbs Organic
Item size: 200g
Brand: Staffordshire Dairy
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The blend of several herbs compliments the creamy cheese perfectly.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  <pre><code>                                                                                                          <p>
                                                                                                      <span class="productinto<em>attributetitle">Organic</span> <span class="productinto</em>attributevalue">Yes</span>


Origin Staffordshire.

                                                                                                  <span class="productinto_attributetitle">Pasteurised</span> <span class="productinto_attributevalue">No</span>

                                                                                                  <span class="productinto_attributetitle">Type of milk</span> <span class="productinto_attributevalue">Cows milk.</span>


Dairy Free no
Fair Trade no
Gluten Free no
Local Produce no
No Added Sugar no
Organic Yes
Vegan no
Vegetarian Yes

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