Alphabet Pasta White Organic

Alphabet Pasta White Organic
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Brand: La Terra E Il Cielo
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Dairy FreeNo Added SugarOrganicVeganVegetarian
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La Terra e il Cielo is an organic agriculture co-operative founded in 1980 in the Marche Region, Italy. It can be considered as one of the pioneer companies to invest in the field of Italian organic production. The co-operative incorporates 100 associate farms that contribute raw materials; many of them are located in the inland of the Marche and play a very important role in terms of environmental protection and sound rural development.


Unlike industrial pasta factories, including those which profess to be organic, LA TERRA E IL CIELO chooses to dry its pasta slowly, with warm air, in several phases and at natural temperatures, equivalent to the Mediterranean summer peak temperatures of just 45°C. This means that, depending on the shape of the pasta, it can take up to 40 hours to dry. This treatment, which would appear to be economically unfeasible, allows the pasta to retain a very high content of valuable substances such as vitamins and amino acids(B1, B2, lysine, methionine etc.) which “dead” pastas don’t have. 

Made with 100% organic Durum wheat.


Dairy Free Yes
Fair Trade No
Gluten Free No
Local Produce No
No Added Sugar Yes
Organic Yes
Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes

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