Dishwasher Tablets - All in one

Dishwasher Tablets - All in one
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Brand: Ecover
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Easy dosing, eco-friendly dishwasher tablets for dishwashers.


Use one tablet in the soap dispenser.


30% citrate, 15-30% carbonate, 5-15% silicate, percarbonate, 5% non-ionic active washing matter from sugar, polypeptide, sugar based bleaching activator, lemon extracts, enzymes 30% citrate, 15-30% carbonate.

These eco-friendly dishwasher tablets are hygenic as well as safe and efficient. They have dual action for effective cleaning and degreasing, htye leave no residue of unnecessary chemicals on your dishes, so say goodbye to the smudgy water marks on your dishes!

Other Information

Phosphate and chlorine free.

Dairy Free No
Fair Trade No
Gluten Free No
Local Produce No
No Added Sugar No
Organic No
Vegan Yes
Vegetarian No

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