Cumin S

Cumin S
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Although the small cumin seed looks rather unassuming, it packs a punch when it comes to flavor, which can be described as penetrating and peppery with slight citrus overtones. Cumin's unique flavor complexity has made it an integral spice in the cuisines of Mexico, India and the Middle East.

Cumin seeds resemble caraway seeds, being oblong in shape, longitudinally ridged, and yellow-brown in color. This is not surprising as both cumin and caraway, as well as parsley and dill, belong to the same plant family (Umbelliferae). The scientific name for cumin is Cuminum cyminum.

Cumin is available both in its whole seed form and ground into a powder.



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Dairy Free No
Fair Trade No
Gluten Free Yes
Local Produce No
No Added Sugar Yes
Organic No
Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes

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